We are IT-cooperative

We do simple and complex websites for NGOs and other independent startups and initiatives. We deploy and highly value free-lance labor, and exercise horizontal collective management. We use our knowledge and experience to help like-minded projects.

Horizontal organization. No bosses and subordinates. No hired labor. No oppression and exploitation. Friendly, caring, equal.

What we do

Design and code

Website development on Wordpress, Django, Tilda and popular JS-frameworks

Refinement and redesign of existing websites

Configuration of server applications

Web design and graphic design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and SEO analysis.

How we do

Using our rich experience of working with NGOs

Carefully and with attention to your desires and possibilities

Without pitfalls: turnkey (mobile version, SEO, admin panel), time for testing, support

We develop instructions so that you do not have to contact us often

Soldiers’ Mothers of Saint-Petersburg

Client: Soldiers’ Mothers

Frontend Backend (Wordpress)

WordPress site for the human rights organization «Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg». Redesign and re-structuring of the old site, separately — the layout of the methodological manual with easy navigation and in the style of the site. And even before that, we made for the organization a simple web game about the alternative service «Escape from the commissariat».


Client: Cherta.media

Design Frontend Backend (Wordpress)

After the closure of the Utopia media project, the publication team began a new project — «Cherta». We have relaunched the site, changing its appearance and adapting it to the new content. In addition, it was important to correctly move to a new domain and site hosting, change the owners of all accounts associated with the site, and not lose page ranking.

JustMagic — a game about the judicial system in Russia

Client: Civil control

Development (JS, JQuery, Canvas)

A mobile-friendly web browser game with hand-drawn graphics inspired by Harry Potter. We helped to develop game elements based on the concept and scenario proposed by the organization. We explained to the artist what we would need to animate the characters, picked up the music and brought the whole idea to life.

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How much does the website cost?

The short answer is — from $1000 to infinity. Of course, everything is very individual and depends primarily on the amount of time spent. Contact us and after a short discussion we can give you a rough estimate of the cost.


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